Team Members

Linda Harris -Founder/ President



I decided to get this nonprofit together because of my granddaughter being severely burned and air flighted to Seattle. It was a tremendous financial burden on our family.  I met so many people that was out of town because of a medical emergency and realized there is very little support for families. I have been a family advocate for many years and was on the board of directors of Washington Families United. I also have a Bachelor’s degree  in Criminal Justice/Social Work

Anthony Zander - Vice President



I have known Akira since she was born, she is like a daughter to me. I was in Florida on a business trip when I got a phone call from Alisha about what happened to Akira. I immediately flew home got a ticket and flew to Seattle. Alisha wasn’t able to pack a bag, so she had no clothes or anything, so I took her shopping. None of us can plan for this type of an emergency so that is why I feel it is so important to have Akira’s Foundation. I graduated from high school. I have been working at Cosentino for the past nine year, as an Operations Manager. 

Bill Patheal - Treasury

I am the step grandfather to Akira and decided to get involved when I learned that there was a need


I am the step grandfather to Akira and decided to get involved when I learned that there was a need for families that have medial emergencies and are sent out of town. In order to help alleviate this need I joined Akira’s foundation.   I graduated from the University of Idaho with a Bachelor of Science degree in Financial Management and have worked as a Commercial underwriter for Travelers Insurance for the last 23 years. I have worked with the Boy Scouts of America as an assistant Scout master and Scout master and am currently volunteering with the Young Marines. I feel passionately that people whose families have a medical emergency need support in their time of need.

Alisha Presson -Secretary


Isaac Greenleaf - Board Member



Kayden-Volunteer Coordinator


My name is Kayden Presson and I am a 14 year old freshman at Medical Lake High School. I am the Volunteer Coordinator for Akira ́s Foundation. I ́m a JROTC Cadet and a Young Marine. My two favorite animals are wolves and lions. I do not enjoy talking or chatting in large groups or in public, which is why I signed up for Akira ́s Foundation. I want to get rid of my fear of talking to people in public. This means a lot to me because Akira is my cousin. She's a family member; family is important,  which is why we started this Foundation.


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